Membership Levels

Annual dues for membership are listed below. These fees are calculated on an annual basis, but they may also be paid monthly by automatic credit card withdrawal.


The Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce offers a voluntary membership upgrade for guaranteed higher visibility

  • One free business card Chamber newsletter ad per year ($35 value).
  • 15% discount on Chamber newsletter ads placed through the year.
  • Premier sponsorship acknowledgement in each Chamber newsletter.
  • Premier sponsorship listed in all Chamber program booklets.
  • 2 sets of Chamber member labels per year, upon request ($70).

Membership Dues

Dues may be paid annually or monthly.

  • You may pay the annual fee in full by credit card immediately after filling out the Membership Application – just click on the link provided.

  • If you prefer monthly automatic payments by credit card, please contact the Chamber office to arrange this after filling out the Membership Application.

Base Dues
  Owner/Sole Proprietor
  (One Person Business)
$235 $285
  Small Business
  Business or Professional Association with 2 – 5 Employees
$260 $335
  Medium Sized Business
  Business or Professional Association with 6 – 20 employees
$360 $435
  Large Business
  Business or Professional Association with 21 – 50 employees
$465 $540
  Large Corporation
  Manufacturers, Utilities, and Large Corporations
  with 51 or more employees
$795 $875
  Bank/Credit Union $590 $615
  Town/School/Small Non-Profit
  501c3 non-profits with an annual budget under $250,000
$130 $170
  Large Non-Profit
  501c3 with an annual budget over $250,000
$250 $355
  Friend of the Chamber
  (retired, not employed, students)
$100 N/A
  2nd Business Listing
  additional address location for member business
$75 N/A

Please fill out our online Application for Membership.

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