Executive Board

effective July 1, 2013

Chairman – Karen Keating – St. Mary’s Bank
Chair-Elect – Trent Blalock – Edward Jones Investments
Immediate Past Chair – Mike Brisebois – Hitchiner Manufacturing
VP Events – Becky Tripp – Classic Signs, Inc.
Treasurer – Sheila Sturm – David G. Sturm, Counselors at Law, PLLC
Secretary – Marcey Mason – Family Dental Care of Milford

Executive Director

May Balsama

Board of Directors

Jeffrey Boutin – JPB Financial
Armand Chery – Amherst Yoga
Gail Cook – Peniel Environmental Solutions
Chris Freitas – Paychex, Inc.
Lyle Fulkerson – HPM Insurance Agency
Debby Hoffman Adair – The Transformation Guide
Wendy Hunt – Opportunity Networks
Tracy Hutchins – Milford Improvement Team
Mary Kling – Wendi’s Cleaning Service
Joan Lemire – Joan P. Lemire Real Estate
Maria Letourneau – PSNH
Jay Maiona – Maiona Law Offices
Sarah Marchant – Town of Amherst
Maracey Mason – Family Dental Care of Milford
Nancy Pomerleau – Prudential Verani
Kevin Noel – Souhegan Printed Products
Julie Sullivan – SAU 41

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